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Lisa has been through an entire surrogacy, starting with her search for a surrogate, through the last court document resulting in a birth certificate with Lisa and her husband’s names as the parents. Surrogates and Intended Parents are initially faced with what appears to be an overwhelming amount of information and hurdles. Through her personal surrogacy experiences and her legal knowledge, Lisa can help you get through each step of the process and make the path to the end result easier and smoother. Lisa can provide guidance and legal advice when needed. She can also draft a thorough contract for you to protect your rights as you proceed. Additionally, Lisa can draft the appropriate documents, file them with the Court, and represent you at any Pre-Birth Order Hearing in order to have the Intended Parents names on the birth certificate.


Egg and sperm donors also need their rights protected. Lisa can assist you with contract negotiations and provide guidance along the way to help protect your rights.


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Lisa’s Surrogacy Story

I was very fortunate to become pregnant with my son the good old fashion way within only a couple months of trying. However, my luck shifted and I had a problematic pregnancy from early on. After about 10 weeks of bed rest and giving myself injections to stop contractions, I delivered my son at 36 weeks quite normally. The trouble began after he made his appearance into this world. My placenta was embedded into my uterus. I had to have an emergency hysterectomy to remove my uterus to stop me from bleeding to death.


Our first family miracle was that after our journey my son and I were healthy and very happy to be alive. When my son was about a year old I first felt a sense of loss from being infertile. I spent countless hours online learning about surrogacy. We then hired a gestational surrogate that I found online to carry our embryos created by using my own eggs and my husband’s sperm. We had a very successful surrogacy journey and got pregnant within our first cycle. Our second family miracle was the birth of my daughter via our surrogate.


Since we had such a successful surrogacy, we thought we would try again. In an attempt for a third child, we hired another gestational surrogate to carry our embryos since our first surrogate was unavailable. Unfortunately, we had three unsuccessful cycles.


Overall, I feel extremely lucky to have two beautiful children, both miracle babies in their own right: one who had a difficult journey in the womb and another who was a surrogate baby. Given the chance, I would give almost anything to feel a baby growing inside me. I feel for women who will never have that awesome experience. In the end, I am thankful everyday for the beautiful family that I have. I want to help others create their family by helping them through the emotional journey of surrogacy.


Click Here for a detailed version of Lisa’s surrogacy story.


I would be happy to discuss my experience with you or answer any questions you may have about surrogacy. Please feel free to contact me here.